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Introduce Yourself to Opportunity with Impact
Unlock the potential of first impressions with MyIntro.ai's innovative video introduction platform. Stand out to employers and recruiters like never before.

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Revolutionize Your Traditional PDF Format Resume

At MyIntro.ai, we believe every professional has a unique story deserving of the spotlight. Through the power of AI and video introductions, we've reimagined professional introductions, blending personal narratives with cutting-edge tools to help you shine in the competitive job market.

How It Works

Create Your

Sign up and enter your professional details.

Record Your

Use our script templates to guide your video intro.

Your Link

Make your MyIntro.ai profile uniquely yours.

Share and

Distribute your profile widely and track engagement.

Features That Set You Apart

Video Introduction

Bring your professional persona to life with a personal video introduction, enhanced by AI.

Custom MyIntro Link

Your professional gateway, personalized for maximum impact.

Unlimited Shares & Share History

Share your profile with no limits and keep track of every interaction.

PDF Conversion

Transform your profile into an ATS-friendly document, video link included.

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Why MyIntro.ai?

Stand Out

Distinguish yourself in a crowded job market with a compelling video introduction.

Engage More

Connect on a personal level with employers and recruiters.

Track Success

Know exactly who's viewing your profile and when.


Optimized for all screen sizes so recruiters can have the best experience going through your digital profile.


Got a Question?

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Find out more about how MyIntro.ai works, our privacy policy, and more.

Answer: Creating a video introduction on MyIntro.ai is simple and user-friendly. After signing up, navigate to the dashboard and select the option to record your video. Our platform will guide you through the process, including using a teleprompter to help script your introduction. You can record up to three segments to perfect your introduction before sharing it.

Answer: Yes, you can! Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned a predefined link, but you have the option to customize it to better reflect your personal or professional brand. Just go to your profile settings and select the option to customize your link.

Answer: No, there’s no limit. MyIntro.ai encourages you to share your profile as widely as needed to maximize your exposure to potential employers or recruiters. Our platform is designed to support your job search or networking efforts without restrictions.

Answer: MyIntro.ai offers a share history feature, where you can easily keep track of who you’ve shared your profile with. This tool allows you to follow up with potential employers or recruiters, making your job search more efficient.

Answer: Yes, you can convert your profile into an ATS-friendly PDF document with just a click. This feature ensures that your video link is embedded in the document, allowing recipients to view your video introduction seamlessly. It’s a perfect way to combine traditional resumes with the innovative approach of video introductions.

Answer: Absolutely. At MyIntro.ai, we take your privacy and security seriously. We employ robust security measures to protect your personal information and ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Your information is only shared with the parties you choose to share your profile with.

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