Womuun!! Take charge of your breasts!!

The breasts, the girls, boobs, mammary glands, twins.. call it whatever!

Hollywood has profited billions from this organ. Victoria’s Secrets would not exist without them.

It is a comfort zone, a nutrition zone, a place of safety. It is mentioned at least 50 times in the Bible. There is a specific blessing called ‘the blessings of the breast’.

 If you ask me, the breasts should be promoted to a ‘vital organ’ category. It should be a first class vital organ like the heart and the brain.

Your breast is an excellent health indicator. If you are stressed or suffering from hormonal imbalance, your breasts will feel different: they will tingle and hurt. Unusual discharges, lumps and knots are indications of more serious health issues.

A healthy breast should be soft to touch. Like freshly baked bread. No soreness, no lumps, no veins popping like they will burst at anytime. The first step to maintaining healthy breasts is to know how your breasts feel on a regular basis. 

Self breast  exams, a.k.a SBEs should be taken seriously. There are extra steps for women who are heavily endowed.

Eat foods that decrease the risk of breast calcification. Examples include avocado and green leafy vegetables.

Hydrate. Enough said

Rest more and stress less.

Exercise. Exercise boosts your lymphatic system. It gives your body the extra ‘umph’ to get rid of waste.

Sister girl, don’t joke with your girls. Brother man, help the women in your life by asking them if they are taking charge of their breast health. If you are married, include SBEs as part of your foreplay (she does not need to know 😃)

To your breasts! To your health!