Using Relationships As a Force for Good

Hello fam!
I trust you are all doing good!  Even in the frigid weather conditions, let’s manage to smile..I pray winter goes quickly and does not linger. Matter of fact, I am hoping we will get Aruba like spring. A girl can dream 😁.
February has been an exciting month. Unlike last year February, I was not moping and asking ‘why me?’. This year, I channeled all my hopes, fears, anxiety, and all manner of emotions into doing something.
Remember, I received news of my diagnosis the same period I was granted the license by the town of Avon to start TamBo’s. I always tell people Cupid shot me the cancer arrow.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I had a fundraising drive.
I had so much to be thankful for. The restaurant was still standing. I am getting better. My family is intact. What’s not to celebrate? $600 was raised and shared between two organizations I have come to love and whose missions I respect:  Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The Ellie Fund.
I am greatful  for all the friends, associates, and family friends I have come to know all these years. Thank you so much for making it happen.