The place of prayer in the journey

Hi wonderful people! The first quarter of 2019 ends in 49 minutes! Time seems to be moving so fast. I am really looking forward to spring officially. It is time to ditch the puffy jackets :).

Two years ago, i went for wig fitting at the DFCI boutique and I saw an artwork that caught my attention. It said “Prayer: The world’s most reliable wireless connection”. As an intercessor, that got me captivated and yours truly bought one. It is heartwarming to know that oncology clinicians recognize the place of prayer and spiritual care while undergoing treatment.

Prayer in essence is communicating with God. This blog post is not meant expound on prayer semantics but to let you know how I used prayer as a tool in my healing and recovery. From the very first day the diagnosis was looming, I began to pray, I began to bind and cast, I was a mess. My prayer was not necessarily backed by faith. I was worried and I did not want to hear the report. In the midst of the worry and confusion, God’s mercy rang though. I kept hearing a silent voice saying ” I got you, you will be fine”.

When the diagnosis was finally given, my husband and I switched to spiritual combat mode. We sought for people in our corner, who were people of faith, of good report, and really understood the power of prayer. We were not looking for people who will pray “why me” kind of prayers. We needed the prayer of faith that was able to heal the sick. We needed those who understood that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called to His purpose. I was not looking for a prayer mountain, a handkerchief, and other tangibles that are no different than syncretism. For us, the name of Jesus was enough.

The prayer journey began. Our pastor, other pastors, my father and mother in the Lord, my sisters-in-love, siblings, parents, the Adewumi wives (don’t mess with those fire ladies), close friends in the faith. These were the people praying along with us so we could go through the process and come out on the other side.

For me, I did a lot of prayer of thanksgiving at the beginning of active treatment. I was just happy that it was caught early. The enemy’s intention was for me to be in the dark and for doctors to misdiagnose. But God was many steps ahead. I rejoiced in that and thanked God for that. I prayed to God to make the treatment work. There are people whose bodies don’t respond to treatment. The cancer becomes more aggressive and doctors give up hope. For every chemo cycle, every surgery, every radiation, it started with prayer, and ended with prayer.

As I recover and I am made whole, my prayer is more of thanksgiving and asking for renewal of strength. Hormone therapy can be fatiguing. As I tap into my faith, I receive enough strength for the day to go about my daily activities.

It’s a wrap folks! Wishing you an excellent Q2 2019.