The Parable of Relationships – Part 1

‘When things are good, you have many friends, when things are bad, you know your true friends’ – Unknown

‘No one can help you unless power has been given to that individual to help you’ – Toluwaleyi Ojesina


At the height of my sickness, God sent help. Those who were aware rallied round.  However, there was someone in particular I expected to stand by me and be there 24-7. Don’t mind me, I am spoilt. It seemed like the more I looked, the less I saw this person around. I did not get the phone calls I was expecting, I did not get as much visits as I would have wanted. I was angry. I was sad. Matter of fact, one morning I went to God in prayer and I cried to God.

I told  God I felt used and abused, I felt like the relationship was one sided and it seemed like this person did not care they way I wanted. My expectations had been very dashed. I wept. But here is one thing I did, I forgave and I moved on. I prayed this prayer in March 2017. I did not hear God speak back . I went about my daily activities.

In November 2017, the answer came loud and clear. I was on my way to the restaurant when the Holy Spirit began to minister to me.  Here is the conversation:

“Oluwatoyin, what is the law of sowing and reaping?”, He asked

“Well, seed time and harvest will not cease”, I replied.

“Do you expect your harvest to come from where you sowed?”, He asked again

” Not necessarily, it can come from anywhere”, I answered

“So, why are you fretting? Why were you angry at this person? Yes I understand that you have defended this person, ensured the person’s well being, went above and beyond to lighten the person’s burden. You are allowed to be angry. It’s your flesh. But I am going to show you a different perspective.  Here you are trying to get your strength back. you can barely do much at the restaurant but I have raised 2 people in Lara  and Seun to help you. You are at peace, you can heal. THAT IS A HARVEST. Think of all the people you have met through this person you are not pleased with. A good number of them are at your beck and call ensuring that you are doing well. THAT IS A HARVEST. Let it go. I have not sent this person to help you at this time.”

I was silent. Yikes. In total surrender, I lifted my hands in the car and I told the Holy Spirit ” I love you”.

A lot of folks are walking around angry at their neighbors. We have these unholy expectations of what people should be and when it does not measure up, we loose faith, we get angry and relationships get sour. I want you to learn from this parable. No one can help you unless God allows it. Do not deprive your neighbor of any good thing if you have it. Just do it! Your harvest is waiting. I am reaping mine as we speak.