The parable of Jezebel

Dear diary,

How are you? This one is a short and sweet one. I remember grouping employees into different categories but I forgot a subset. The Jezebels. Yup….them. When most folks think of the word Jezebel, they think the seductress. Yes and no. They seduce the mind. They are close to authority or try to be close to authority for one purpose only: yo cause leaders to miscalculate, do the wrong thing and pit employees against one another.

They are very sly. They act like they care but it is a lie. They want you to misstep, misspeak, misbehave and err as a leader. They know how to win your loyalty so they can wreck havoc. They don’t care for your company. They don’t believe in what you stand for. They want to fulfill their agenda of confusion.

Dear reader, if you have them in your office, God help you. They are wrecking balls. I have had my share. Not a good story.