Take No Thought: It does not add to you

Good day wonderful people! If this is your first time ‘stumbling’ across my blog, welcome! I hope you learn a thing or two about life and God’s faithfulness in the midst of adversity.  A happy mother’s day to all my female readers and subscribers! I hope you were well pampered. To my warrior dudes, I trust that you treated your mum or the lady in your life to some wonderful experience.

Mother’s day weekend was busy!!!! Yep…what is else is new in my life :)? My husband and I are in ministry. We co-pastor a parish of Fountain of Grace Church. On Saturday the 12th, the women’s group in our parish hosted a Women’s Breakfast. It was our very first and it was successful. We prayed. We activated God’s gifts within and we fellowshipped with a 7 course brunch!

On Sunday proper, I had to cater for 400 people and also preach. I had help! I am NO superwoman! Every Mother’s Day, I am asked to preach as the pastor’s wife. My message was taken from one of Jesus’ teaching on the Mount: Anxiety and Worry. If you are wondering if Jesus ever spent time on this topic, turn your Bible to Mathew 6:25-33. I love Mathew 6 because Christ gave us some blue print for daily living.

He gave us nuggets on how to give to the needy, how to pray, how to fast, what we should stand for in terms of treasures we lay and then he caps it with the need not to worry. Life can be stressful. Some of us live in stressful situations, work in stressful conditions. It’s stress and worry all over. We worry about life, bills, the kids, the future,…name it! Yet Christ admonishes us to leave the anxiety zone. He asks a critical question in verse 27: Which of you by worrying can add an inch to his or her life?

To worry is to give way to anxiety or unease. To worry is to allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.  The truth about worrying is that it does not add anything  to you but it takes a lot from you.  One major thing worry robs you off is your ability to connect with God. It short-circuits your faith. By dwelling too much on your struggles and difficulties (whatever they may be) you are unconsciously telling God He is not faithful to His word. You open your heart wide open for doubt when you are worry sick. Once you are doubtful, you can pray right. Once you are doubtful, you become double minded. The word of God clearly states that double mindedness prevents us from receiving ANYTHING from God.

Excessive worrying can be crippling. My prayer for your is that you learn to cast your worries and burden on the Lord. If He cares for the birds of the air and lilies of the field, then you are covered because you are worth WAY MORE than them. Someone reading this might say ‘easier said that done OEMA, the walls are closing up on me and I see no way of escape’.  After you have done ALL you know to do, worrying included, I ask that you stand. But you can only stand when you are not anxious. Let God be God. He will not suffer you more than you can bear.

I love you with all my heart. Shalom!