Songs & Sounds as Therapy

addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart,” – Ephesians 5:19, ESV

Happy new month! April is here wit its rains and showers. If this is the first post of mine you are reading, welcome on board. I hope you see glimmers of hope in my journey.

I had the opportunity to attend the Young Adult Conference organized by DFCI two weekends ago. The keynote speaker was an inspiring gentleman who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor as a child, experienced 2 recurrences and was still living, hoping, and loving. After the session, I attended a workshop on using music and musical sounds as therapy. It was an eye opener to something I did (and still do) during active treatment but did not know was considered therapy.

Each participant was asked to pick an instrument and we had fun just making different synchronized sounds. It was very relaxing. It took me back to the days I would have gospel music and soothing sounds playing in the background while I slept. I just did it, but now I know there is a field called music therapy. It is also used in conjunction with active cancer treatment.

Research has shown that when music therapy is integrated with active treatment, it helps to reduce anxiety levels. When your anxiety levels are reduced, your immune system is in a better place to fight the cancer cells. You are also more likely to respond better to treatment.

Think about it, music therapy is as old as modern civilization and biblical era. In the book of 1st Samuel, one of King Saul’s advisers diagnosed him of some form of mental illness. What was the remedy? Music therapy! As soon as David will play, his mind will calm down and he was able to function (albeit to kill the poor lad).

If you know anyone undergoing treatment, ask them to to include music therapy; soothing sounds, gospel music, uplifting lyrics. I can’t spend a day without listening to music or making melody in my heart. It is all part of the recovery process..

I hope you would stop by again. Please spread the word, share the blog. Let someone know that breast cancer or any other form of cancer is not a death sentence.