Post MRSA – IV Administration

I was discharged on April 6 with a 30-day supply of Ceftarolin. This was the antibiotic that was strong enough to wipe any trace of MRSA in my system. It was also doable twice a day. The PICC line had already been installed. Prior to discharge, a nurse had showed me how to administer the med at home. First, you would sanitize the PICC line entrance, attach the mouth of the IV bag to the PICC, let it infuse for 25 minutes, sterilize the PICC line entrance again, then flush with saline solution and heparin. There was a tip sheet of the procedure with colors and shapes to help guide through the process.

It was so good to leave the hospital. It almost seemed like discharge was not in sight. I had to be helped out of the car. I could not wait to go to my bed, shower in my own bathroom. Climbing the stairs was a herculean task. My chest began to hurt. I was breathing like I had asthma. Tami had to hold my hands while Banky gave me a tug from the back. I could not climb the stairs. My lungs could not carry me. I was wheezing, I was exhausted. Lying in bed for almost 2 weeks is not a good thing.

 The night of April 6, a visiting nurse from the South Shore VNA came home to check that the medication administration process was going well as planned. The way she explained it was different from what I got at the hospital. I began to feel overwhelmed and overloaded with information. I broke down, I cried. Tami was there, my husband was there. My brain had shut off. I was not listening anymore. Thank God for Tami. She is Oluwatamilore indeed. She is our gift from the Lord indeed.

Here is the trick. The nurse will only come twice, then we are on our own to administer the antibiotics. I was barely listening to instructions. I was overwhelmed. I could not think straight. Tami was the calm voice of reason. She had listened with rapt attention when the nurse was giving instructions. When it was time for the second administration. Tamilore was the one instructing her dad on what to do, how it should be done, etc!!

For those of us who like to shield our children during hard times…I am going to say this respectfully: you are doing a great disservice to your child. Our children are way smarter than we think, able to handle certain curve balls. Even the Bible say out of their mouths, certain things are ordained so the avenger can be silenced! We are also told we shall not be ashamed when the enemy comes to the gate…. (Psalm 8 and Psalm 127).

Tamilore was able to comfort a friend of hers whose mum had colon cancer. She was well equipped to do it because she was part of the process. Tami’s attention to detail saved us when we could not call customer service or any nurse for help. I remember being reprimanded by folks close and dear to me for choosing to start motherhood early. I was supposed to come to America and pursue a career. Here I was having babies so young. On the day of reckoning, it was my child that came to my rescue. I will leave the motherhood and career debate for another day.

Moral of the story: I love my daughter to smithereens!!!