O.E.M.A: Origins

O.E.M.A (pronounced wëmah) were names given to me after a victorious event.

The port site from which I was receiving chemotherapy was infected. I ended up in the hospital with intense rigors, 103 F body temperature, and a white blood count of 0.9 on the 28th of March. It was a near death experience. My blood pressure was low, I was barely responding to major antibiotics.  The only thing I could hold on to was the name of Jesus, faith sermons by the late Kenneth Hagin, and praise hums.

17 days from the 28th, I was supposed to cater for a 700 guest wedding. I had collected a good chunk of deposit, yet nothing was ready and no logistics had been executed whatsoever. Laying lifeless on the hospital bed, I called on God.

Deep down, I kept saying to the Lord: ‘I know you won’t allow me to suffer shame, I will get out of this hospital, I will be strengthened, and this wedding will come out excellent!’. There was a holy audacity that rose although my vital signs were not looking good. The bride and the wedding planner were emailing me and I was responding in faith. I responded like all was well.

Finally, the surgeon took out the port, further tests showed the bacteria had not reached my heart valves, an IV antibiotic that could do the job was found, I was discharged on the 6th of April.

All I had was 7 days to plan. God sent help. My sister friend, flew in from MD, a brother from church transported the waitstaff to site, i got a coordinator to handle the plating, my chefs got the job done. It was seamless.

I did not do much. I just watched God move. As I peeked at the reception floor, i kept hearing in my heart:

Olúwátómiíyìn: God is more than enough for me to praise

Ęni-Ölórunfę: Whom the Lord loves

Mojuaşęgunlo: I am more than a conqueror

Abo-Jésù: A Christ worshipper

These names rang and rang like a melody. I had to hold back my tears. When Paul the apostle asks ‘what can separate us from the love of God?’ That verse of scriptures came alive in that moment at Mechanics Hall.

I felt loved. I am loved. I am O.E.MA.