NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!

Hello lovelies!!!

Today is a very special day for me. It was also one of the reasons I had not blogged for a while. So much had been going on business wise. The restaurant is picking up, catering orders are coming in and it’s good to be very busy (ka-ching!).

On the 25th of March, one of my sister alums had sent me a link about the FedEx Small Business Grant. The competition had started in February and it was going to close on April 4th! I was very late in the game. I was this close to not entering. I did not enter until the 28th. Then the social media marketing started. It was brutal!!!! Suddenly, all my networks and connections came to play.  April 4 came and it was all over. It was a good experience but I did not think I would win. Still, I enjoyed the experience. Like I mentioned in my thank you video, no prestigious business school would have taught me what I learnt.

I wake up this  morning to pray and I get a congratulatory message form FedEx!!!! I screamed. My children woke up. It was crazy. I was dancing like I had won $1,000,000,000.00. It was surreal. This all started with just  a tray of jollof rice, a tray of chicken and a tray of plantains in 2006. 12 years later, TamBo’s is one of the African restaurants in New England.

Many things deterred me on the way. I could have given up; people, circumstances, cancer…… but I stand here today by the goodness of God to say I am still standing!!

What are those visions and dreams that make you giggle? What plans and thoughts have you put to paper and you are yet to give it life? Don’t give up! Get up and start moving! Help will come! It will. I am a living proof.