May May May….

Hello lovelies!! Happy new month! So many things going I dont know where to start. April was interesting in a good bad and ugly way. Good because my daughter turned 15 and my parents clocked 40 years of being together. Dont get me started with Bill and Melinda. Not today. It was bad because I had so many medical appointments back to back. Physical therapy was every week because my upper right back was hurting. I call it post radiation traumatic stress disorder. It got stiff and the muscles were achy. Overall I am doing much better. April got ugly because some funny customers from God knows where came to test my patience. Because of that I am going to be changing the tone of this blog and doing a chronicle called ‘Diary of a Naija Kaitrah’. Kaitrah is the butchered pronunciation of Caterer by Nigerians. Bless out hearts.

I also braided my hair after 6 years… it feels funny a bit and it itches so bad….but I love it! I hope I last and don’t go to the chopper.

I will like to invite you to an IG session. The title is “Turning Purpose to Pain”. I won’t tell you what I am talking about. Come hear it yourself. 🙂

On the foundation side, we will be hosting another talk series….a Mothers day special. You don’t want to miss it. Make sure you follow TamBo Foundation on all our social media platforms.

That is all I have for now. Pray for me. I need it mega.