Integrative Therapy, Breast Cancer & Spiritual Care

Merry Christmas lovelies!!! I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with my sister-in-law and her family. They migrated from England and will be settling in Chicago. I have another excuse to travel to the mid-west :).

I love this picture that I took in church on Christmas day. I was drawn by the cross on the altar and I began to reflect on my spiritual journey through my active treatment. Spiritual care, nutrition, psycho-social care, meditation, among other things are being recognized as part of additional supportive treatment for cancer.

As a woman of faith, my spirituality was an integral part of my survival. Without my connection to God, I would not have been sensitive enough to know something was brewing in my body. I had a severe health complication during chemotherapy. It was my faith and the prayers of loved ones that kept me alive.

If you know anyone undergoing cancer treatment, take a moment to ask such a person about spiritual care practices being implemented. For me, it was Jesus all the way. There was one night when my husband was in far away Chicago and I was so sick, I shivered violently. I had no strength to pick my phone, my voice was not loud enough for my children to hear me. Dara my cousin and caregiver was in snooze land. All I could do was call on the name of Jesus. The shivering stopped, and with all the strength in me, I called Dara one more time and she woke up.

I can go on and on with testimonies of God’s mercy and grace in the place of prayer, studying of the Bible, meditating on the word of God and relearning the faith. It has made the treatment process bearable. Please check the other two posts that I have uploaded for your reading pleasure.

I will see you in 2019!!! xoxo