I believe God, I don’t need medical treatment

Happy Sunday family! Trust you are getting ready to spring and bloom. The weather in New England is starting to corporate. It does not seem like there are any snow storms in the horizon. Hooray to that!

In my faith and cancer series, I would like to discuss a very sensitive topic. It opens a can of worms. Let me put a disclaimer before I continue, I am learning faith all over. I believe God can do anything, but at the end of the day, it is ‘unto me according to my faith’.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that faith is a muscle. A muscle not used looses its strength. It wastes away, a process called atrophy.

I know Christians who believe that taking standard cancer treatment ( chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc) is a show of lack of faith. They think it is limiting God to step into the situation to bring about supernatural healing.

This is a difficult topic for me to discuss. I lost 2 loved ones to breast cancer because they waited on God for supernatural healing. They caught the cancers early, they waited on the Lord for healing, the cancers spread and they died.

I was listening to the great preacher Joyce Meyer many years ago. She was diagnosed with cancer at some point. In her testimony, during the one on one session with her doctor, he looked her in the eye and presented two options: standard care and healing by faith. He said he would allow her to take option 2 if and only if she had heard from God not to seek standard treatment. She went home, she prayed with her family and she chose option 1. Today she is in her late 70s, active and alive for God, preaching the gospel, living life, fulfilling purpose and destiny.

There is no shame in seeking standard treatment. It does not reduce the power of God. It is not an insult to God’s dominion. Else, why will he give doctors and scientists wisdom to do research and find a cure. If we take a critical look at Jesus’ healing ministry, he used different methods for healing. Sometimes he spoke, sometimes he demanded the sick person to go take a bath, sometimes he took mud and made moulds. You could not put Jesus in a box with His healing methods. Why should we then dictate to God how cancer will be healed?

In my last blog, I mentioned that the same faith for sore throat is the same faith for headache and the same faith for cancer. Let’s start exercising our faith for the little things. When the bigger challenges arrive, we build our faith muscles for more endurance.

Now, if the doctors have exhausted all options and dont know what else to do, that is an opportunity to hold God at His word. It creates the avenue to exercise our faith. Like the woman with the issue if blood, she had spent all. The doctors had tried all. The only thing she had not done is give Jesus a try. When the opportunity arose, she exercised her faith and was made whole.

I have not had a personal encounter with anyone who got healed supernaturally. I have mostly heard testimonies through preachers of the Word of Faith. I know the word of God works. It meets you at the level of your faith. I have heard of folks who heal breast cancer naturally by cutting certain foods, going clean with their diet, etc. I am a hopeless sweet tooth. This season of Lent, I am trying to fast from pastries and the struggle is real! It would have been difficult to make drastic changes to my diet.

I followed conventional breast cancer standard of care and God met me. The chemo was aggressive, but the Lord made it tolerable. There were low days, and He met me at my level of faith. The whole process forced me to learn about God and healing again. If you have built your faith consistently to the point where you can tap into the supernatural, go for it. What I will not ascribe to is saying God is offended if you seek conventional treatment.