I am grateful

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I know, I am a day late.  But better late than never. I hope you all had time cherishing your loved ones. Today I want to say a collective thank you to everyone who made my journey less bumpy……

Valentines Day was exactly a year that my ob-gyn gave me the diagnosis. It was not easy yesterday, I was actually having phantom pain on my right chest.  I was finally able to get out of the funk and celebrate God’s goodness. I also snoozed for 7 hours. Like I mentioned in one my posts, you cannot do this journey alone. I had God, the host of heaven, and the people God sent my way.

 I am eternally grateful to God Almighty; El-Shaddai, for his eternal love, for allowing me to obtain mercy throughout my wilderness experience with cancer. To Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior for allowing his name and shed blood be my strong tower during the dark moments. To the sweet Holy Spirit, my comforter, best friend, confidant and intercessor who allowed me to detect this attack very early.

To my loving parents; Nathaniel Olusemire and Mary Abimbola Abogan for their continuous ‘papa lion and mama lion’ instincts, care, prayers. You showed me time and again that your love is unconditional. I love you with all my heart.  To my mama and papa in love; Joy Adewumi and Wole Adeloye for their endless prayers and words of encouragement through it all.

To my husband, my partner in destiny and beau; Olubankole Adewumi. This was indeed a ‘for better for worse, in sickness and in health’ moment. Thank you for being my rock and just loving me through it all.

To my children, my troopers; Oluwatamilore and Boluwatife (TamBo), my perfect gifts from God. Thank you for going through the process with me, the crying, the cleaning, humidifier duties, med administration, everything! You handled it with such maturity and I bless the Lord for making me your mum.

To my immediate family on both sides of the aisle: my siblings; ‘Yemisk’ and ‘AAA’, my sisters in love: Tolu, Kemi, Yemisi, Laide, Seun  and their spouses. To my brothers in love GB and Dr Jydo, my other sisters in love: ‘Lolo Ugo’ and Ade, cousin Kemi for standing with me in prayers, for checking on me, for cheering me up and being there throughout the process.

To my work family at South Shore Hospital, the truly ‘EPIC’ IT Team at 141 Longwater, for the love, prayers, gifts, survival kits, and many good things too numerous to mention. You are truly EPIC 😊. I want to particularly thank Donna, my senior colleague who helped me survive the first hour of the news. To Karen, the best manager anyone can ever have or wish for, the Training Team and the Inpatient team, I love you all.

How would I have made it through without the household of faith? I want to particularly appreciate Apostle Saint Ekoh who took time to arm me with the tools needed to fight the fight of faith. To Pastor Mary Oyomire who took it upon herself to pray and send the Word of God to me DAILY. To my local parish pastor at Fountain of Grace; Pastor Austin Oriakhi for standing with our family; Pastors George and Gloria Irabor, the senior pastors at Fountain of Grace for their prayers and the pastoral team for standing in the gap. I also want to appreciate Rev Obaweya of All Souls Anglican Church for his prayers and Pastor Phillip Adolor for constantly reminding me that God is too faithful to fail in my life. To every man and woman of God who stood for me, may the good Lord reward your labor of love in Jesus name.

I would love to appreciate the Deacon’s Board, Fountain of Grace Church for their prayers, love offering and words of encouragement. My very church family in the Brockton Parish for the prayers, care and food (when I could not eat my own food).

I want to thank my sisters from another mother: Adeyemi, Folabo, Lola, Ify, Uju and Ayoola, Oluwaseun, and Omolara who truly went through the journey and battle with me. To my pink sister Mariama, who fought, won and helped me manage the symptoms.

To my very sister of many years Abisola, Queen Mumuney and her husband, Pastor Lawal, you are indeed a friend that sticks closer than a sister.

To my mum in Boston; mama Jejelola Akinade, you are indeed a pillar of strength. Thank you so much.

The Oladipos, Kolawoles, Shakeera, The Tolberts, thank you! Yinka and Deola Adebiyi; xoxo

To all the brothers and spouses of sisters too numerous to mention, who prayed, helped in one shape or form; you all rock!

This thank you will NOT be complete without thanking my wife, new sister and friend: Dr Yehoda Martey-Abogan (Mrs AAA). Indeed Yehoda, you were part of divine plan. The other ones were counterfeit!