How much is too much ! What to share when asked “Tell us about your self?

Don’t Regurgitate Your Resume

“Tell us about yourself” is generally the first question so while it may be tempting to nearly read off your entire resume, but don’t. You can generally mention where your career started, some jobs along the way, and your most current role, but now is not the time to list them one by one or to talk about every task you had at each job.

Don’t Focus on Unrelated Jobs

Depending on where you’re at in your career, your career history may go pretty far back. If your first job out of college isn’t related to your current career, don’t mention it. Or, if you’ve had a career change, you can opt to only focus on the roles that directly relate to your new career area. Mentioning unrelated roles could be a distraction and lead an employer to wonder if you’re focused on or experienced for the job you’re applying to.

Don’t Get Too Personal

Steer clear of any personal topics, such as if you do or don’t have kids, your marital status, or your religious or political affiliation, pets, where were you born, what your parents do. None of these personal details are relevant to the job and could even cause your interviewer to discriminate.

Having said that, if you have any interesting hobbies or do volunteer work feel free to take a few seconds to slip those in. Giving a glimpse to your personality outside work is not a bad idea but don’t get carried away either.

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