Hola! E don tey!!

Hello lovelies! Quite an age! I have not blogged in a while because of the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly things that have been happening. Grab your popcorn and zobo. There is a lot to talk about!!!

The Good and Beautiful

I mastered myself. I am sure you are all wondering why I would classify self mastery as good and beautiful but it is!!! Knowing your triggers, your pitfalls, whims and caprices is the first step to mental wholeness. Couple of years ago, I wrote a blog on my mental health journey. For 6 years plus I would go through cyclical depression not understanding why. Last year it got really bad and dark. It would usually start in March. We are in June, I am doing very very well. I know when to stop. I am l learning to be kind to myself and I am super grateful for it. It is a journey. I have my therapist on speed dial. I am praying more. I am meditating more, which leads me to the second news.

I discovered a meditation app that works. ABIDE…..hummmm…I loooove it!! I love the spirituality aspect of it and it works for me.

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And that is why we meditate
  • Hosted a mother’s day brunch. A beautiful sister of mine approached me to co-host a Mothers Day brunch. It was a dark time in the Nigerian Church. I will talk about it in the ugly. There was a need to have sisters come together and be encouraged. By the grace of God, 50 attendees came. They were fed physically, mentally and spiritually. I was looking fly and debonair.
Yes o, fine gyal
  • Business has been flourishing. All I can say is that YHWH JIREH has been answering His name. More that enough. Always enough. Forever enough!!! A few equipment broke down but provision was there to replace. Weddings, Graduations, all sorts of parties….. COVID-19 is no longer an issue like before. We praise God for this. Of course, we continue to have clients and koistomaz. Other beautiful things are cooking. Watch this space.

  • No evidence of Cancer! Yup. I had a scare. In March I felt a lump on my left breast. I had to praise myself out of the fear. God heard. If you wanna hear the testimony you can check here. Watch closer to minute 7 or so and listen. MRI scans came back clean. I passed the 5 year mark. Ain’t God good?
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The Bad and Ugly…..

Murderous DV. Hmmm. Can Jesus come quickly?!!! A major domestic violence case that ended in murder happened in Nigeria. A highly anointed minstrel was murdered in cold blood by her husband. Minister Osinachi was murdered. It was rough. Further investigation showed the extent of assault and battery. It would make your stomach churn. I can’t stand injustice, I cannot stand abuse. I felt helpless. I asked so many questions. Some questions folks might consider blasphemous. This was a woman dripping with such anointing, how?……… What kind of nasty culture of silence is this? I questioned the role of culture and religion. I came to only one conclusion: we are all a sum total of our formal and informal learning experiences. You can see my rant and muse here

School Shootings
As for this one…..I am speechless. I find it hard to juxtapose pro-life policies that do not promote sensible gun laws. We then blame it on mental health. We all have mental health issues in this country. The mere fact that we have been bewitched and jinxed by incessant bloodshed is troubling. Nowhere is safe. Church, school, theatre, street….our homes!!!!! Kilode? Pourquoi ?? Why now?!! Because of money and special interests, we are looking away. We are becoming desensitized. We go through the cycle of fury, followed by prayer for victims, then nothing. God is watching HIS people in 3D.

The Senate and Congress refused to help Restaurant Owners
Of course I am biased! I run a restaurant. Our industry hires a good percentage of the American Workforce. We need help. Uber, Door Dash and co collect 35% of our revenue. What is left? Then we need to remove cost of goods sold and pay staff. That grant would have gone a long way. I am not even advocating for me because God really came through in a mega way. Matter of fact, I did not qualify for the first round of the Restaurant Revitalization grant because I made more money in the pandemic than a year prior. Yup you heard that. I have not known a better last year.

However, I must advocate for my fellow restauranteurs. The past 3 years have been no joke. Now we are dealing with labor shortage, inflation, and borderline produce shortage….We are pretty much pressed on every side. We refuse to be crushed.

I lost loved ones, young in age…….it was tough. Mourning is not easy…..it was ugly.

There is so much happening in my life. I will advise you check between my IG and this blogosphere for updates or even my Facebook status. I am grateful to you all who have followed my writing journey. God bless you. I pray I can do better.