Having trouble writing your Professional Summary?

When recruiters have less than ten seconds to look at a resume, you need something to catch their attention. And that’s what a resume / professional summary can do. This also means that it should be no longer than three to four sentences. Do not attempt to cover every aspect of your professional journey. Be concise and to the point. Highlights your most valuable qualifications, your job title, key skills, and the highlights of your career.

Here are few simple things to keep in mind when writing your resume summary. Tip: You can even use this summary as a guide for your myintro profile introduction video. Just don’t repeat or read word by word.

  • It’s not about writing any professional summary—it’s about writing the one that matches the job. So, make sure your summary statement for a resume mentions thecore competencies outlined in the job posting.
  • What sounds more impressive: “Streamlined reporting processes” or “Simplified reporting using project tracking software to increase productivity by 20%”? The second example is an achievement statement. It follows the Problem-Action-Result formula, which is perfect for talking about accomplishments.

A good summary for a resume must include a relevant achievement. And the ones involving numbers are the best.

  • Stay away from resume clichés such as go-getter or hard worker or dynamic. The recruiter had read these words too many times before moving on to the next profile.
  • Using myintro gives you a very distinct advantage. You have a profile link, add that as the last line to your summary so the recruiter can view your introduction, get impressed and call you for the next round.

Be part of the future of digital profile in the age of Generative AI. Go beyond digital profile that not only showcases your achievements but also make you standout from the rest.

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