Greetings from Capetown, South Africa!

Hello wonderful people! Your truly is currently in Capetown living life, resting well and enjoying the presence of family and friends. It was my brother’s wedding this past memorial day weekend. Dr. Yehoda Martei is officially Dr. Mrs Yehoha, Abimbola (II) Abogan! It was a glorious event and yours truly came to slay!!

As always, it was crazy busy leading up to our travel. Had to ensure all was in order and packing was done last minute. I was a bit concerned my body might not take the 24 hour travel but it  did! We arrived at Vrede en Lust Wine Estate in Franschoek. That place is heaven on earth!!

I just had to enjoy the view!  Thanks to my brother in law: Seye Malomo, the genius photographer for capturing this moment and the other moments. I will be posting some photos later for your to enjoy. It was so wonderful to see uncles and aunties I had not seen in 20 years!!!! Yup…20!  It was an emotional moment for me given all I went through last year. My mind began to think of what could have happened if the cancer had not been caught early. The thought of a 1 minute silence….. eish…. In all things I give thanks!!!

In Yoruba land, we have an adage that I will try to translate : people are like water, pretty fluid.  Come to find out Yehoda’s sister also went to Smith College. Seye’s cousin is also a Smithie. What are the odds that I person would have Smithies as in-laws on both sides. Moral of the story: let’s be nice to one another. Life is too short. Waaaay too short for shenanigans!

We had the chance to visit Simon Town yesterday to see more wonderful works of nature. African penguins!!  I shall be giving you the full gist later. Let’s just say this was  a vacation well deserved.

Family and I will be heading to Robben Island. I hope I have the stomach to take pictures. The late president Nelson Mandela spent 18 years there!

So glad to be back blogging after a bit of silence. Forgive my sloppiness. I will be back in full swing next month. I promise!