Employees – Part 1

Dear Diary,

Things are looking up. I am very hopeful. This year feels sweet sha. With growth comes its pains. As demand increases, it is important to hire more hands, very very important. One, it reduces the stress. You have more room as a business owner to grow and think. Two, if you want your business to outlive you, pass on the knowledge. There is he that scatters and abounds, there is he that hides and amounts to poverty. Three, it is good for your mental health and wellbeing. I don’t believe that i have to be there for things to move on. I don’t think Jeff Bezos is in every Amazon fulfillment center. That is how I think.

Here lies the issue. Employees come in different shapes, temperament and agenda.

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No be lie

Some believe in the business and would treat it as theirs, with integrity, with commitment. Identify them, honor them, appreciate them. They are your destiny helpers. They might not have much to offer but the peace of mind they give you is priceless.

They are your Ruth, Esther, Joseph, Nehemiah….they got your back one million percent.

Some are like Joab, David’s right-hand man. They very loyal but they are rough on the edges. They can rob other employees and your customers wrong. They are good for operations and back end stuff. Do not put them in customer facing positions. It is not in their genome.

You have the hirelings. They just want their paycheck. They rarely pay attention to detail. They are the first to leave. They will never put extra time even if you want to pay them. What should take an hour might end up taking two or more.

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Who hardwork epp?

They do not care. They are in for the money. Unfortunately they make up 30 to 60 percent of most workforces. It is what it is. You can motivate them. Some will repent but it is rare.

You also have the predators. They have no issue stealing from you, backbiting you. They are the Judases. Identify them and clip their wings.

You also have the Lucifers. They are good at what they do but they are proud, pompous and rebellious. Their pomposity always messes things up. They think they are indispensable. They think they are the best thing since sliced bread. What do we do with rebellious staff? Make no room for them. Send them packing at the speed of light. They are expects at hostile takeovers.

Dear Lord, thank you for sending me more destiny helpers this year. I believe that I receive them and I have them.