DoaNK: In the Beginning

Dear diary,

Today is July 8, 2021. It is raining outside. The worst of the pandemic is over. Corona humbled us for real. Catering orders are starting to come in. I have done 3 weddings so far. There is more to come. There is hope in the air. The life of a ‘kaitrah’ (caterer).

How did I get here? I have always loved food and cooking. I know at least 5 people in my ancestry (3 generations prior) who made a living from food or the hospitality industry. Grandpa Josh built a Victorian 17 room mansion being a baker in the north. The goal was to study computer science, work for Bill Gates, (according to my dad) and consult for a UN organisation later on. I flunked at my first round of interview for Microsoft. Still graduated with a BA in Computer Science…….but I am a foodie. A kaitrah, like my Naija peepu will say. The American dream was not supposed to include food. Food chose me.

I wanted to be a doctor. The circumstances surrounding my birth was intriguing. I wanted to deliver babies for the rest of my life.

‘ I refuse to waste money sending you to Med School. All my friends that studied Medicine have dumped it for something else, I refuse to waste my hard earned money. Technology is the future. Don’t waste your time studying Biology’ said my dad.

I sobbed profusely. I sat in a corner. This man is about to take away the one thing I am passionate about. An hour later, my mum comes quietly (as usual) to offer her form of comfort.

‘It is okay. You will excel at any profession. There is something about your hands. Don’t underestimate them.’

This conversation defined everything. This is my story. This is the diary of a Naija Kaitrah…