Dear Officer

How are you? I am guessing April 20 was a bitter-sweet day for you. One of your comrades was charged guilty. You did not see it coming. I did not see it coming either. Here we are. Justice was served. Policing Reform is back kinda. What is going to happen to your job? How are you going to do your job? You are overworked, you are underpaid, you feel unappreciated, for the next couple of weeks, news media will make it the main talking point for quite a while.  Are you breathing?

I want you to breathe. Let us have a chat. I have a son and he happens to be black. I have a daughter too. I have trained them to be confident, to speak up for themselves.  I have taught them that they can be anything. I have also taught them to respect authority. I have taught them to love God, people and live everyday hoping for the best.

However, I am sad that I would have to give them THE TALK. I am sad, that my son might be pulled over because I told him to take my car to go run an errand. I drive a nice car. I should not have to hold my breath when my kids are out of the house because of you. I should not have to tell my children not to defend themselves respectfully because you might pull the trigger.

These feelings are real. How are you going to assure me that the lives of the men in my life matter to you? Can you treat my kids the way you treat kids in high brough areas?  Dear officer, the goal is not to make you depressed or oppressed. The goal is that we trust each other and do right by each other. I want to see you more in my neighborhood, helping the kids, keeping families safe. I want to know you. Do you live in my neighborhood? How are you going to protect without bias if you do not live in my area code?

There is so much to unpack. I am not here to beat you up. I need you as much as you need me too. We need to talk and solve this problem.

Yours faithfully,

A neighbor.