Cut me Price now…

Dear diary,

Hmm, awa peepu have come again o. They think I own Restaurant Depot. They think I am in charge of food supply chain logistics. They think I can ‘abracadabra’ my way to lower cost of goods sold. They think……..Eish.

Abeg, the streets are not smiling at all. I have not had to go shopping for a while. I fired myself from that role. It is called being executive and thinking like a CEO. If I am going to grow, I need to empower my staff to do some things so I can make room for strategic thinking. One of my core leadership staff went on vacation so I had to be a purchasing manager for 2 weeks. Was I shocked 😲😳😲😳.

I went through the receipts of what I bought versus what I spent. I think a tear dropped. Beht why?? And some koistomaz will have the nerve to ask for discount. Do they go shopping at all? The other day, my mum sent me a text that made me sigh extra deep..

“Abake (my pet name) reduce the quantity of your Amala o ( yam fluor fufu), prices have gone up steeply. Farmers are afraid to go farming due to the Fulani herdsmen crisis.”

Trifecta the Great

Dear reader, we are talking of a 75% jump from 5 months ago!!!! Wetin???? C’est quoi ça ?!!!

How am I supposed to cut price when raw goods have gone up between 50% to 85%?? How……Lawd deliver me from koistomaz.

This is the year of profit. No if. No else, no but. We are staying that way.