Covid-19, Vaccines & Theories

Happy New month!! Glad to have you back. I hope you are doing very well. I hope you are keeping safe and I hope you are taking care of your mind and mental health.

Guess what? I took the vaccine! I had my first shot of the Moderna vaccine over a week ago. How am I feeling? No different than I felt a day before I took it. What side effects did I experience? My left arm was sore, I had a fever of 99 Fahrenheit the day after. End of story. I took Tylenol.

Why did I take the vaccine? Something happened in my household. We attended a super spreader event ( cross over service) and brought the virus home. If you would like to listen to the full gist, click here.

Did you listen to the gist? Hmm. Yup. Jan 5 to 23, 2021 is for the history books.

Covid-19 is real. It has no respect for the old, young, rich, poor, healthy or immunocompromised. People of color are getting it more and dying more. Enough of this health carnage!!! But for the hand of God on my life, I am not sure I would have survived.

My lungs have been scared by radiation therapy. I need to apply wisdom. I cannot afford any pulmonary disease. I borrowed my head some brain. I got vaccinated. I am not here to tell you to get vaccinated. It is your call. However, I am begging you to be cautious!!! This disease is mutating and spreading at an interesting speed. Yes we are tired, yes we need to interact, yes we need to live our lives. HOWEVER, we must respect the fact that we are in a pandemic.

God is a God of public health. Go read the book of Leviticus. Nobody knows how long Covid-19 will be around. It is not in our power to time plagues and pandemics. However, we can continue to apply wisdom, follow CDC guidelines, mask 😷, wash our hands and avoid super spreader events. We can also be responsible by not spreading fake news all over social media.

Go to your local board of health websites and get the real facts. Enough of people who have no expertise in infectious diseases opening their mouths like raffia baskets. Eish!! I am sorry but I just had to rant. Enough of the whatsapp messages

The stress of caring for 2 covid patients sent me to the ER. The emotional trauma experienced by my children is a story for another day. I am just grateful we made it.

Covid-19 is REAL. Selah.