COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learnt

Happy May!! A third of 2020 is gone. May the month May bring wonderful things, peace, joy and all things that pertain to life and godliness.

To be honest with you, April was a tough one. The quarantine started in mid March all through April. Here in Massachusetts we might be in for half of May. There was this feeling of dreariness in the air I struggled to shake off from time to time. Thank God for a healthy family relationship. I say healthy because while I enjoyed quality time with my husband, we saw an increase in domestic violence. 911 calls of domestic violence was on the uptick. I count my blessing and I am thankful for peace in my home.

The quarantine was an eye opener to a lot of things. It exposed our humanity, our fragility and our sense of entitlement on this side of the Atlantic. Systems were tested at their core. Some things held strong, others fell flat.

Our humanity was tested. Covid-19 affected the mighty, the lowly, male, female, black, white, old, young…no one was spared! For the first time in human history the whole world was suffering the same thing at the same time. Global leaders were thrown in the ringer, they were left working overtime, stretching their minds. Some survived, some did not. Some showed excellence of leadership, others did not.

It has been an unprecedented and teachable moment. The best of humanity and the worst of it was seen across spectrum. People rose to help, some decided to hoard and add to the hysteria.

Systems were tested to the core. Healthcare, banking, IT, learning, aviation,….I can go on and on. Fire drills are done to prepare in anticipation of fire alarms. A real fire will show gaps in the drills and fire detection systems. Covid-19 was the fire we ‘knew’ will happen. I saw social media clips of President Obama talking about a ‘virus’ capable of causing harm and ensuring structures were put in place to contain it. The ‘laissez-faire’ attitude of the current administration left much to be desired. The aftermath of this pandemic might bite harder with millions out of work. Let us continue to pray for wisdom for leaders so they can do right by their citizens.

I was shocked at the sense of entitlement displayed in certain parts of the country. Lawsuits, misinterpretation of freedom and other shenanigans were on full display. I wonder if the situation would have been different if Covid-19 symptoms included hemorrhaging at the extremities. I love my freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. We need to get the rates of infection down. We need to see the curve nosedive. Relaxing the social distancing laws might not be in the wisest at the moment, but hey, what do I know?

Let us continue to stay safe. This too shall pass.