Hello fam! Happy Easter in arrears. I trust you are doing well. I had a wonderful time. My godson’s baby brother was dedicated. Yours truly catered and we just had fun. I did not think I will write this post but it is important that I do. Yesterday, one of my sisters in Christ, who follows this platform had reached out to me for the post I wrote a while back. This post is an addendum to it.

About a week ago, I went to the Farber for my annual mammogram (negative!). On my way, a father figure to me called. He is an apostle of the gospel. During our conversation, he mentioned that he had been diagnosed of prostate cancer in 2018. He underwent hormone therapy, radiation and today, there is no evidence of cancer.

My heart sank. I panicked. I excused the call and went for my mammogram. You might wonder why I was visibly shaken. The news of a cancer diagnosis has a way of zapping the oxygen in the room. Indeed, cancer knows no race, class, age, status, calling, anointing, name it!! After I left the imaging room, I was in a better place to call him back.

I rejoiced at the positive outcome but I had questions. This was a man of God. He came down to anoint me at the height of my active treatment. His knowledge and dissection of scriptures is second to none. And I mean that. I am yet to hear anyone in Christian ministry break the word of God like He does. Yet, he submitted to active treatment.

“Daddy, why did you go for treatment? I know 2 pastors who lost their lives though they were “standing” on the word of God for their healing”

I needed him to clarify that question mark. Here is the summary of his response:

Science is not working against God. Matter of fact, all scientific discoveries were embedded in the finished work of creation. Our stands as Christians should be to pray for scientists for accelerated discovery of non-toxic cures to known diseases and those that are yet to be discovered.

Finally, he said “all healing is supernatural”; it is not for us to determine how God will heal. The key is being healed. That his body responded to treatment was a miracle in itself. There are people who do not respond to treatment and doctors give up and send them home to die.

People…., all….All…ALL…….healing is supernatural. We pray as we get treated. We assess our diet choices, we limit the toxicity around us, we do what we know to do and we trust God to do the rest.

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to be talking about the various active treatments from next month. Let’s strip the away the fear of chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and other therapies available to us. Till we ‘meet’ again…….