You have your job interview scheduled Congratulations! Your credentials on paper are enough to get you an interview, but it is the impression you make during that interview that decides whether or not the job is yours. Now let’s prepare and get you ready to showcase your expertise, personality and attitude to ensure you make the best impression possible and leave the hiring manager feeling positive about your candidacy.

Dress to Impress!

When you walk in for an interview or go live on a video call and have a crumpled shirt, messy hair, sweaty hands, dirty shoes, sitting amongst clutter that is visible on camera or don’t have enough lighting, you can expect a very short interview that will not go in your favor.

Come across as some who takes care of themselves and is taking the interview seriously. One doesn’t have to make a fashion statement but can be formal and clean. That is all!

Positive, Genuine and Authentic!

Positive, Genuine and Authentic are qualities that one doesn’t list in any job requirement but are key to getting hired as part of any team.

No matter how dreadful your former boss and co-workers were, don’t say anything negative or derogatory about them or the company. It’s very easy to start venting out when asked about why you’re looking for a change or why your left your previous employer. Try and infuse some level of positivity into your responses and yet being truthful. “Your organization has a better standing in the market compared to where I am at and hence, I am interested in exploring this opportunity.” “I want a larger role than what I have right now and because you are a growing organization, I feel like I can thrive in this environment.” 

If you have a gap in your resume, give them the simple truth without going into too much personal details, if the reason was personal.

This is your chance to showcase your expertise, share your thoughts and shine and while you do that be mindful of not coming across as boasting about your accomplishments and skills or pitching yourself as the best of the best. Apart from individual accomplishments, share examples of teamwork, acting on feedback and learning from fellow team members.

When asked about your strengths and weaknesses, remember that this is a job interview, and your answers should also be related to your professional life. Be prepared and be honest. Family or being obsessed with quality of work is not a weakness or strength. Not having the latest certification in your field could be a weakness. Not having enough experience in a certain aspect of your job could be a weakness. Similarly, having the latest certification and expertise in a certain aspect of your job can be a strength.

Company matters!

When you applied for the job maybe you were more interested in the job than the company, but now that you have landed an interview it’s important to research the company you’re interviewing with. Search through the company’s website, social media posts and recent press releases. Additionally, take some time to research the interviewer, if possible. Look up their LinkedIn profile or read their bio on the company’s website. This will give you an idea of their background and experience and help you connect with them better during the interview.

When asked what you know about the company the answer cannot be “Not much”. Instead, the answer should be (something like this), “I understand that you aspire to be a market leader in the _____ sector. You have presence in ___ countries. I am not a stock market expert, but I did see that your stocks have gone up in the last six months, so I am glad I am aspiring to being a part of your growth story.” Wow! You connected, you showed your awareness and interest and hopefully if you smiled through this conversation and didn’t fidget you might be a little closure to that offer.  

Smart questions!

The worst thing one can do in an interview is not have any questions. Don’t have to ask for the sake of asking but may be one should at least a couple.

Here are some questions that always impress hiring managers.